I want to provide a deeper dive by providing five tips to build your confidence when working with the ‘top dogs’

In my recent presentation with the ICF Oregon Chapter I shared what I believe are the key elements to ensure that an executive coaching engagement is successful. I want to provide a deeper dive by providing five tips to build your confidence when working with the “top dogs”- those senior leaders responsible for leading others in challenging organizations. Being a dog lover and parent to my two dogs ChowMein and Wonton, I must fully disclose that top dogs are extraordinary to work with!

    1. Remember that leaders need you! It is very challenging to lead effectively in today’s organizations, whether working in non-profits, start-ups, or a global Fortune 50 company. Leaders that invest in executive coaching recognize they need support to reach their highest potential and become the leaders that others want to follow. According to a recent ICF global survey, 99% of participants found the experience of coaching satisfying, or very satisfying and the ROI is $4-$8 for every dollar invested. Often clients will receive a ROI in their personal and professional lives that reaches far beyond their engagement investment! Providing a confidential, safe, experience where leaders can respond to powerful questions and deep self-reflection will result in business and personal transformations that often are life-changing.
    2. You are not the expert, your client is! As trained coaches, we have the knowledge and awareness to know that we provide the safety, environment methodology, and the use of powerful questions to help our clients tap deeply into solutions that are within themselves! Executive coaches know that the power of coaching comes from allowing the client to develop deep insights and to apply learnings in a practical way to their daily challenges. You can relax and trust that you have the ability to help your amazing clients reach their full potential as they create their own goals and measurements that inspire themselves and others!
    3. Goodness begets more goodness! As a coach works with their clients, the secret of achieving amazing goals gets out! Many of my clients have extended their coaching engagements, many have returned for additional support, and many have referred me to their colleagues. As clients see the value and the impact in very practical ways, they will spread the good news to their peers and stakeholders ,and the good results blossom like a spring day in the northwest! As more and more organizations enjoy the powerful impact of executive coaching, the business world thanks us by spreading the good news!
    4. Coaching is a calling – answer the phone! Truly dedicated executive coaches have a passion for their work and feel the call to coach deep in their bones! Of all the leadership development work I have done in my career, coaching is what I find most fulfilling because it is what I know I am called to do and it is where I see the most impact.  When you are satisfying your calling, it isn’t “work”- it is just a part of your core being. I truly love the clients I work with and I am inspired every day by them! Having coached for the past twelve years, I know that coaching becomes a natural way of life for coaches. It is not a career; it is a calling!
    5. We can make the world a better place, one leader at a time! Remember that leaders need us and our experience, training and expertise can help make the world a better place, one leader at a time! Knowing the value you bring to others can provide you the inspiration and confidence to walk down this path if it is your destiny. Enjoy the journey and the joy of helping others to realize amazing growth and transformation!

I’d love to hear your thoughts. And please contact me if you are interested in participating in my upcoming virtual Executive Coaching Masterclass where I will share templates, tools, tips and resources for ensuring that you blossom as a successful executive coach.  For further information, you may reach me at: tammi@peoplesensellc.com. Sessions will begin February 22nd.

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Tammi Wheeler, PCC, the founder of PeopleSense and graduate of the NeuroLeadership Institute’s Brain-based Coaching Certification, has spent hundreds of hours the past 12 years learning about being trained and delivering highly effective executive and leadership coaching experiences.

She has a passion to inspire professionals to be the type of leaders that others want to follow and helping them achieve amazing results. She knows how to confidentially win executive clients and how to ensure they achieve powerful impact, supporting business leaders ranging from solopreneurs, to Fortune 50 global organizations.

Tammi has trained several coaches to successfully deliver executive coaching in their businesses. With over 25 years’ experience in the corporate business world, she brings a fabulous business savvy, as well as a caring, dedicated focus to helping coaches and their clients realize powerful impact with ease and confidence.

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