“The story of Black History Month begins in Chicago during
the summer of 1915…”

Black history month is the recounting of who we have proven to be in the most harsh, extraordinary, and unforgiving of times and environments.  This proof helped create America, its armor and sword, its wealth, its culture, and the very foundation on which it all rests.

As the sun sets on black history month, I’d like to encourage you to continue the celebration throughout 2021 by supporting black achievements, businesses, initiatives, and community efforts.

For additional information on the conception of Black History Month click here.

Mayme Doumbia, VP of Equity, Outreach & Belonging

Mayme is a professional coach and consultant who partners with organizations and leaders on their success journey. She is passionate about helping people achieve breakthroughs, and believes in the power of the leader who influences change while living their purpose.

She has 14 years of demonstrated history of working in the public and private sector and a background in:
-Organization and Executive management – Small business management – Operations – Human resources – Logistics and Government.

Due to her diverse background she approaches professional and personal coaching from a transformational and holistic perspective. As a migrant, a veteran, a non-profit and corporate leader she understands that there are many layers that lie within an individual, and know that these concepts are what makes the person whole. Mayme addresses these layers from a holistic standpoint and creates space for the client exponential growth.

In her spare time, Mayme enjoys playing soccer, reading, hiking, and traveling. She’s a current Ph.D. Student pursuing a degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.